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After last night’s semi-disappointing loss against the Bulls, the Knicks will wrap up their regular season tonight with a much downgraded match-up against the Boston Celtics. The C’s will rest their Big 4 for the second straight game while the Knicks are expected to do likewise with their own Big 3. Take the jump for a wee bit more knowledge.

* Interesting take on the Knicks defense vs. the Celtics offense.

The Knicks are also an interesting defensive matchup for the Celtics. The Knicks struggle defensively, but teams have more success exploiting mismatches against them and working in isolation than they do breaking the Knicks’ defense down with passing; believe it or not, the Knicks allow the lowest proportion of assisted baskets in the league. The Celtics score the highest proportion of assisted baskets in the league, so something will have to give.

* Remember this quote?

“It’s a rivalry?” Pierce said to reporters that night. “I didn’t know we had a rivalry going.”

Jonathan Abrams recaps the two historic franchises and their many encounters.

* The Post is now calling it a “Blood Feud”, and Chauncey Billups isn’t necessarily backing away from it.

* Some Knickerblogger unsung Knick history.

* Last night’s game really didn’t mean much. Especially when you consider everyone on the Knicks was looking ahead to Sunday.

* Tom Thibodeau on why the Knicks have a great shot against his former team:

“They’ve come a long way. Their defense is vastly improved…They’re very unselfish. They play smart. They’re going to be a dangerous team. You can’t ever relax against them. Because the way they shoot the ball, if they start making shots, it could be a long night for us. You look at the way they’re playing right now, they’re playing at a very high level. And that’s without Stoudemire.”

* Seth Rosenthal’s always superb weekly player power rankings, at your service.

* In other New York Magazine literature, Will Leitch gives an even shorter recap of last night’s game than we did.

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