Carmelo Plays Isolationist

Two things we know about Carmelo Anthony: He’s very good at basketball and doesn’t need teammates to be individually successful. Having elite scorers on your team who thrive in isolation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but most winning teams have more than two consistent scoring options. What this does mean, though, is that New York already possesses the most difficult piece in making a championship contending squad. This courtesy of Jared Zwerling:

Melo’s form, range, precision and quick release are arguably the best shooting skills in the business out of any forward in the league. It’s a stroke that’s enabled him to become one of the most dangerous isolation players since his rookie year in 2003. Actually, when you look at this season’s stats, Melo has been the most prolific (going strictly by points). Not only that, Amare Stoudemire, whose midrange jumpshot is money, is right up there with him. Not even LeBron James or Dwyane Wade are in the top five. Check it out.
Percent Of Plays In Isolation This Season
Player Percent
Carmelo Anthony 37.0
Amare Stoudemire 31.6
Kobe Bryant 30.6
Michael Beasley 30.4
Tyreke Evans 29.9

Teammates Percent Of Plays In Isolation Last 5 Seasons (minimum 200 plays)

Season Team Player 1 Player 2
2010-11 Knicks Carmelo Anthony (37.0; 1st) Amare Stoudemire (31.6; 2nd)
2009-10 Nuggets Anthony (37.1; 2nd) Chauncey Billups (25.2; 13th)
2008-09 Warriors Stephen Jackson (28.2; 7th) Corey Maggette (26.1; 10th)
2007-08 Kings Ron Artest (26.9; 5th) John Salmons (25.2; 9th)
2006-07 76ers Willie Green (28.1; 7th) Andre Iguodala (26.1; 14th)

Not sure if I’ve ever seen anything stranger than the Sixers enabling Willie Green to be seventh in the league in percentage of points on isolation plays five years ago. That’s so weird.

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