Linkin' Center: Where A Win Is A Win

No pic today, just the wonder that is our very own Linkin’ Center. So close your eyes, bend your knees, and dive right in.

* Knickerblogger takes a great look at how despite Carmelo’s paranormal third quarter, the Knicks haven’t been playing well as a unit.

* Times recap.

* Here’s an absolutely insane interview with Isiah Thomas, courtesy of Fox Sports:

“I have no problem saying this at all,” he says. “They’re all 6-(feet)-9 and Jordan was 6-6 and a half. If they were all 6-1, it wouldn’t even be a question. They wouldn’t even f—ing rate. If they were all my size, s—, they wouldn’t even be talked about.

“I beat the s— out of them when they were that big. If we were all the same size, f—.” He stops to laugh good-naturedly. “Make them 6-1 and let’s go on the court.”

* So nooooow you give Chauncey some love.

* What if The Trade never happened?

OK. If that happened, we probably wouldn’t have even once compared the ’11 Knicks to the ’07 Mets. Landry Fields wouldn’t currently be lost in the NBA’s witness-protection program, because his game, clearly, benefited from the old lineup. The team still would be celebrated for every positive step (and every backward trip would either be written off to their limitations or, now, camouflaged by the onset of baseball).

* And with last night’s performance, the Knicks are Carmelo’s team, apparently.

The Knicks shook it off, and Anthony led the way, scoring 20 points in the third quarter and playing more aggressively on defense. “I just figured if I come out there and show some effort, some intensity and some energy that the guys would follow that and see what I’m doing and pick it up. It worked tonight,” Anthony said.

That is the kind of effort that the Knicks will need to show night in and night out. If he is willing to play like this night in and night out, Anthony can reach another level – the Kobe Bryant stratosphere.

* Saw this little tidbit on twitter yesterday afternoon, but here’s the full story. Talk. About. Preshaaah.

* “Glad this month is over,” Amare Stoudemire said. “Now it is time to get it going for the playoff push.”  I’m sorry. What?

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