Linkin' Center: Where Melo "Does This"

Carmelo Anthony On Wearing Majority Orange Ties: "I DO THIS"

* Moments after sinking the game winning 16-footer to down Memphis last night, Carmelo Anthony turned to the Grizzlies bench and shouted, “I do this!”. Who’s to disagree? Carmelo has been the Knicks’ offensive genius since coming aboard, scoring in a variety of ways in a variety of situations, but this was his first opportunity to win a ball game, flat out. Anthony did not disappoint.

* If you didn’t catch it, The Knicks Blog does a wonderful job breaking the game winner down.

* I imagine people who are into this might be intrigued by an underdog Knicks team taking on Dallas tonight.

* Some nice insight on Shawne Williams’ homecoming, and Marc Gasol might be interested in New York next year? That’s a steal.

* Looks like this Chauncey Billups thigh injury has manifested into a Chauncey Billups knee injury.

* Speaking of injuries, Amar’e should be a concern the rest of his career. How can the Knicks reduce the likelihood of trouble?

* A more in-depth look into how greatly Jared Jeffries can contribute without scoring any points.

* Hopefully Amar’e can play Mr. Nice Guy with the referees from here on out.

* I can’t believe people once thought Chris Bosh was better than Mr. Ciara. (Knickerbockers included.)

* He lives!

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