Before last night’s loss the Knicks did a lot of talking; too much talking against a team 27 or so organizations in this league should beat on a consistent basis. As if losing to Cleveland twice in two weeks wasn’t bad enough, newly acquired Cavalier (now self made martyr) Baron Davis got into some boasting of his own late last night. From the Daily News:

“It’s always great to win in the Garden. The Garden is special, especially playing against a team that is getting a lot of coverage,” Davis said. “They were prepared to beat us down. This victory was very sweet because there’s a sense of a miniature rivalry growing here.”

First of all, a rivalry? Things can definitely get more embarrassing after a regular season loss, but I can’t think how off the top of my head. Despite the Knicks’ best (or 1A) player scoring 41 points, they still lost. Despite all the pre-game talk of payback and how beating Cleveland in a re-match would taste like champagne, they still lost. Despite the day of rest and the crowd at their back and the two best players in the gym on their side, they still lost. It’ll be interesting to see how New York responds on Sunday against an Atlanta team one up on them in the standings. Now that’s a legitimate team the Knicks should push themselves to form a rivalry with. Not Cleveland. Not now, not ever.

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