3/4 Linkin' Center: Where Landry Fields Gets Shutdown

We have some GREAT links for you today (including a the usual Will Woods must-read game preview); hopefully you’ve got little on your Friday “work” agenda.

* Turning onto the dreaded 87 a couple nights ago, Landry Fields popped his front tire on a pothole. Poor guy. Andy Rautins was there too, but apparently neither of them knew how to change a tire.

* More analysis into whether or not Amar’e and Carmelo can coexist.

* Could the Knicks have grabbed Bob Cousy?

* SLAM 147 hit newsstands the other day. Guess who’s on the cover.

* Amar’e goes to the hood with Mr. Bloomberg.

* More on what we already know: Chauncey Billups is important.

* With his thigh still hurting, Billups likely won’t play tonight, but it shouldn’t matter. The Knicks are focused on the playoffs and avenging last week’s loss to Cleveland is a welcomed way to get there.

* After his 24 point outing against Chris Paul, Toney Douglas is under quite the microscope.

* “We’re always going to be a little bit of an iso, one-on-one kind of a team, which, to be honest with you, is pretty good,” D’Antoni said, a declaration that would have made jaws drop in Phoenix.

* What does everyone think about Carmelo’s breakup letter to Denver?

* Eight months after he was traded to Cleveland, Baron Davis will make his debut tonight against the Knicks. Is he elite?

* This picture is funny in an “I wish it were controversial” kind of way.

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