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Kelenna Azubuike Released; Brewer Still to Meet the Axe as Well

UPDATE: Earl Barron just signed with the Bucks in light of Andrew Bogut’s injury.  And here I thought he was just waiting by the phone for Donnie to call…

From Alan Hahn’s Twitter:

Curveball: Knicks announce they have waived Kelenna Azubuike…Expecting [Corey Brewer's] buyout done tomorrow.

Azubuike was released just before the March 1st deadline, meaning he would be eligible for a playoff roster should a team with cap room to absorb his $3.3M contract wish to take a flyer.  Word was Mike D’Antoni was less than pleased with his progress rehabbing a brutal knee injury.  Interestingly, it appears Corey Brewer’s fate remains sealed, so the Knicks would appear to have roster spots open for not just the incoming Jared Jeffries, but also Earl Barron if desired.

Given their solid performances last night, interesting to wonder if there’s a little blood on the hands of Bully Walker and Anthony Carter in all this.  Is the front office convinced they have all the backcourt depth they need?

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