Jazz-Knicks Preview

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Another excellent excellent road victory warrants another excellent game preview from new contributor Will Woods.

Coming off an excellent win in Portland last night, the Knicks will look to make a statement with a second impressive road win in two nights against the Jazz.  Whenever the Knicks play the Jazz I like to imagine Clyde Frazier eagerly stepping off the plane only for his shoulders to slump as he realizes there isn’t actually any jazz being played there.  But that’s just me.  That’s just something I enjoy.

If you didn’t stay up late to watch the Blazers game, well shame on you, but you probably already got the gist of what went down.  Instead, a quick recap of the Portland announcers: kudos to the announce team for not once saying anything along the lines of, “This Knicks team doesn’t care about defense.”  You would be shocked at how often – I’m talking upwards of 75% of the time – the other team’s announcers go beyond labeling the Knicks a subpar defensive team to actually state that they pay no attention to or do not care about defense.  The idea that any basketball team anywhere would just not care about defense is utterly asinine to me, yet most of the opposing announce crews will just casually toss in that, hey, this Knick team, they don’t even care about defense!

One nice comment from the Portland crew came during the Blazers’ one and only run, in the third quarter: “Not so cocky now, are ya, coming from the Big Apple!” To which I replied, “Thank you.  Thank you for reminding me that my city is better than yours and that I would act cocky just by virtue of being in Portland.”

Also, I did a double take when I saw that Terry Porter was the Blazers’ sideline reporter.  He was a head coach not two years ago!  And now he does sideline reporting?  What went wrong, Terry?

Anyway, we have bigger fish to fry.  The Jazz may be the team I’ve seen the least of this year, which means it’s probably worth kicking up a little info on them.  Here’s a few nuggets to make for semi-prepared viewing this evening.

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