Asbestos Wednesday

As mentioned, yesterday’s game was cancelled due to asbestos in Madison Square Garden.  Apparently it came down from some rooms in the ceiling.  Making it seem even more like the sky is falling, while the New Jersey Nets are preparing to come to New York, in a sign of either apocalypse or it being Backwards Day, the Knicks looked to move to New Jersey.  …for Friday’s game.  Turns out that the Garden will likely be fine by then so ticket holders need not make plans for a lovely night out in Newark.

There are positives though as I wrote in Tuesday’s post.  Beside the fact that a loss to Orlando could’ve provoked more sky-is-falling screaming from the media & fans, there are two other good things:

1. Anthony Randolph, who was scheduled to return from injury against the Magic, now has some extra days to heal and thus be even stronger/more productive in his Knick debut.  And perhaps be able to even play a few more minutes.

2. The second thing is that this wacky story provided artist Joe Petruccio of My NY Knicks Journal with the fodder to create this great cartoon featuring Amar’e Stoudemire and Spike Lee:

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