**UPDATED: Want To Write For Buckets?

Are you interested in writing about the Knicks for Buckets Over Broadway?  With the season starting and the Knicks looking much improved, we could use some more content.  If we get several people with talent, then we’ll add several people.  So it ain’t about being better than all the other people who submit, just about being dang good yourself.  If you’d like to be considered, leave a comment below and we’ll contact you (we’ll be able to see the email with which you signed on to comment).

We’ll then be asking for the following:

  • Name
  • Age/Location
  • Writing Background (If any)
  • If there are any qualities/background info that would make you especially qualified/unique to contribute.
  • Writing Sample(s)
  • Any other information you think we should know
  • And most importantly: what you think the meaning of life is.

…Okay, maybe you don’t need to know the last one.

But, wow, serious bonus points if you can enlighten me on that.



Love that a bunch of you responded!

A few additional things:

1. You don’t need to fill out the above info in these comments, just when I email you.

2. I will contact everyone.

3. Pretty much none of the above info I asked for matters, it’ll just be about your writing sample(s).  So don’t worry if you’ve never written jack before.  And in terms of writing samples, I’ll want to read something basketball-related.  Perhaps if your sample is solid, I’ll post ‘em up here even if we don’t ultimately choose you.

4. For the writing sample I want you to write what you’d like to write.  I don’t care if you write something that disagrees with things I’ve written or if it’s nothing like what we have here.  If you tend to think about things humorously, then do something that expresses that.  If you’re more analytical and into stats, go for that.  If, like say Andy below, you enjoy writing lyrics, then feel free to write a Knick song or whatever.  If you prefer to just write in snippets of thoughts rather than full-fledged paragraphs, do that.  It doesn’t need to be the most brilliant piece of writing ever, just something that you think is kinda interesting and which you’d enjoy reading if you came across it on a blog.

5. There is no pay for this.  Maybe down the road there could be a little bit, but for now assume you will never make a nickel doing it.  This should be about the joy/love of expressing your thoughts/feelings on bball.

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