Rudy Fernandez To Chicago?

Credit: Yahoo Sports

According to Portland Trail Blazers blog Rip City Project a deal that would send Rudy Fernandez to Chicago could be done by Monday.

Well, one thing is for sure and that is the Bulls are buyers this offseason. And it appears they aren’t done trying to finish filling out their new roster. After already signing Keith Bogans to a 2 year deal earlier in the day the Bulls are rumored to be close to be landing Fernandez now. If Chicago does indeed trade for Fernandez, where does that leave McGrady?

Fernandez has stated before he’s intrigued by the Eastern Conference, but going to a defensive minded coach where you won’t even start (Brewer signed with Chicago with a starting role assured) just seems like a bad career move for Rudy. Fernandez needs to be on an up tempo team, but it’s looking like Chicago and Boston are the only options left if Fernandez gets moved, both being bad fits for Fernandez.

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