Yesterday Patrick Ewing And Darryl Strawberry's Kids Faced Off

January 31 2009: Orlando Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing during the NBA basketball game between the Orlando Magic and Detroit Piston at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Magic defeated the Pistons 91-86.

Patrick Ewing may be an assistant coach for the Magic now, but yesterday he came to watch his son play for the Knicks! That kinda made me happy. Am I just an ol' softie? (Source:

Yes, it’s just summer league, but I have to say I get a bit of a soft spot in my hear for the kids of former New York legends’ Patrick Ewing and Darryl Strawberry. Sure, Ewing Jr. and D.J. ain’t that good, and if there was a headline it was the Knicks versus Lakers with standouts Landry Fields and Derek Caracter respectively. But what can I say, I’m nostalgic. Am I the only one? If you loved their pops, do you find yourself strangely rooting for their kids to have some success too? Let your voices be heard in the poll (or if you have further thoughts, write ‘em in the comments below).

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