LeBron's MVP Speech Proves He's Leaving. Or Staying.

James of the Cleveland Cavaliers laughs as Cavaliers head coach Brown speaks during a ceremony to present James with the NBAs Most Valuable Player award in Akron

LeBron laughs sinisterly at the media reading far, far too much into everything he says. (Source: Yardbarker.com)

Remember when journalists used to report the news rather than try to generate it?  Us bloggers, we write our thoughts and opinions, we openly bring our personal biases to our posts.  Bill Simons, the Sports Guy, is an unrepentant Celtics fan, and that’s part of the fun of reading his stuff.  However, when we read main page ESPN columnists who interview players, or reporters for the NY Post and Daily News, shouldn’t they stick to just the facts, ma’am?  Shouldn’t rumor-mongering be left to bloggers and fans, not legitimate news sources?

Apparently not.

There were two articles on ESPN.com about LeBron James’ MVP acceptance speech.  In order to gain more hits and notoriety, both of ‘em turned the event into the latest referendum as to whether the King would leave the Cavs.  If he had said something definitive, it would’ve been news, but instead the articles used the same statements to come up with two completely different conclusions.

The Associated Press article wrote the following:

LeBron James looked out at the sea of faces from his past and present. There’s no knowing if they’ll be in his future. [...]

“Since I was a kid, I always said I’d find a way to put Akron on the map,” James said. “It will always be my home and it will always be my life.”

James’ comments seemed slightly ominous for a player on the eve of a big decision. He has given few clues about his intentions for when free agency opens on July 1, but James almost sounded as if he was preparing to say goodbye.

Geeze, if that was the feeling there, then yeah, that’s big news.  Whew, I’m glad they reported that.  But was that really the vibe there?  Not according to the other article, which was by Chris Broussard:

“I love Akron to death,” James said. “Since I was a little kid, I always said I was going to find a way to put this city on the map. And I’m going to continue to do that.”

As James spoke after receiving his second straight MVP award Sunday at the University of Akron, you couldn’t help but think to yourself: He ain’t leaving.

[...] everything [...] about the afternoon said he’s staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The article even had the subtitle of “LeBron James sounds like he’s staying.”   Wait, but right above the AP article said he sounded as if he was saying goodbye?  Which is it?  Is it possible, just possible, that maybe the story was “LeBron wins the MVP” and not in the slightest “LeBron makes big statement as to whether he’s staying?”  After all, if something can be interpreted in two completely opposite ways, ain’t it possible there wasn’t any deeper hidden meaning?

As Sigmund Freud, a man obsessed with sex who always had a stogie in his mouth, said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Congrats on winning MVP, LeBron.

No matter where you end up next year.

Although I hear the suit he wore to the ceremony was designed by a New Yorker, so clearly…

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