The 10 Most Disappointing NBA Retirements of All-Time - has a fun post on the 10 Most Disappointing NBA Retirements of All-Time.  The sad thing is that not only were 5 of the 10 on the Knicks at some point, but for most of them we had them during the nadir of their career.  Granted that’s ‘cuz this just looks at players from the last decade and a half, and well, that ain’t been our shiniest period, has it?

Calling it quits is difficult for any professional athlete. Just ask Brett Favre, who has yet to make a decision (surprise, surprise!) about whether or not he will play in the NFL again next season. Often times, the will to play overpowers the skills to play in older athletes and forces them to hang on for one…more…year in order to try and leave their sport at the top of their game.

Unfortunately, the recent retirement of Allen Iverson (wait, are we really ready to call it that yet?) reinforces a problem that many NBA players have faced at the end of their career. A.I. has not only had to deal with his diminished skills on the court–he’s also allegedly had to battle his demons off of it. It’s been enough to essentially force him out of the game that he’s loved so much for so many years. But he’s not the first player to face this fate. From contract negotiations gone bad to substance problems to devastating injuries, there are plenty of former NBA stars that have been forced to cut their careers short and leave the game under less-than-ideal circumstances. StreetLevel rounded up ten of the most heart-breaking scenarios…

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