Curry's Cooked -- Out For The Remainder Of The Season

Knicks Curry looks to shoot against Bulls in Chicago
This whale has been beached for the season — good lucking trying to spot it. (source: reports:

Eddy Curry will likely miss the rest of the season because of a right calf injury, apparently ending another lost year for the Knicks center.

The Knicks announced Monday that Curry has a torn myofascial band in the calf and is not expected to play in the final 10 games.

Curry has played in just seven games this season and has appeared in only 10 over the last two seasons because of injuries, illness and ineffectiveness. He injured his calf in training camp and later had left knee surgery.

One of their few players under contract beyond this season, the Knicks still don’t know if the 6-foot-11 center can be useful in coach Mike D’Antoni’s system.

The sad thing for Curry is that now would’ve been an ideal time for him to play.  Finally D’Antoni seems to realize that he might as well give everyone minutes to see what his players have, so Curry could’ve actually gotten onto the court for maybe 20 minutes/gm.  Instead, he’ll return next season when we’ll have a few new players so Coach D will be back in Win Now mode (which for him translates into a short rotation with little leeway for types like Curry who don’t blend into Coach’s style of offense).  In order for Curry to see the court at all next year, he’s gonna have to come back in amazing shape and having transformed his game to fit into Coach’s world.

Yeah, I don’t see it happening either.

But at least he’ll have a big expiring contract that we can use to either trade for someone else or free up room for us to sign another big-namer in 2011.

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