Nate Robinson Wants Out

Nate Robinson’s agent has apparently persuaded the current bench rider for the Knicks to ask for a trade. With Nate having sat out 8 straight games, it has become apparent that D’Antoni does not want Nate in his rotation.

Its going to get worse

It's going to get worse

However, all of this would have been prevented if the Knicks had landed one of the free agent PG’s they targeted this summer. I blame this problem on Walsh and his failures this summer in the draft and in free agency. If Jason Kidd or Ramon Sessions comes to New York then Nate Robinson isn’t here, guaranteed. If the Knicks select Stephen Curry or Brandon Jennings, Nate Robinson isn’t here. Are you starting to see a trend?

The Knicks made several attempts to get more depth at the PG spot, but failed and were forced to sign Nate. I really feel for Nate though as he wanted to go back west, but got no offers.

I really don’t see Nate getting traded, unless a team really wants his services and throws out a 1st round pick, which won’t happen. Nate is another expiring contract and the only player who Walsh is interested in moving is Jared Jeffries.

Nate isn’t going anywhere.

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