New York Knicks @ Miami Heat Tonight at 7:05 EST

Knicks head down to Miami to open the season against Wade’s heat.

Knicks Starting Lineup:

PG-Chris Duhon
SG-Wilson Chandler
SF-Jared Jeffries
PF-Al Harrington
C-David Lee

Heat Starting Lineup:

PG-Mario Chalmers
SG-Dawayne Wade
SF-Quentin Richardson (Gasp)
PF-Michael Beasley
C-Jermaine O’Neal

The Knicks are going to have a tough time containing Wade; as always, but this game could be critical in regards to Wade’s destination next summer. The Knicks must be competitive tonight and a win would be huge. Players have been passing on the Knicks lately because of the uncertaintiy that lies with our young talent.

Tonight is the start to a very important season, go Knicks!

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