Nate and Lee both Re-Sign

Nate Robinson and David Lee have both resigned today for an undisclosed amount.

This comes as no surprise, but did take longer then most would have liked. Lee is a great player and Nate is a quality role player. What I’m most interested in seeing is Lee’s deal and whether or not Lee fires his agent. Lee tested the market and couldn’t find what he wanted so he re-signed for a lot less most likely.

Lee is going to be a free agent again next season, which likely means he’s heading back to the market unless Walsh gives Lee a big pay day. Walsh would rather keep Lee then Nate, which is understandable. Expect Nate to sign with a West coast team next summer, and Lee to re-sign. I think Walsh really wants Lee to be in the core of this team’s future and if he puts up numbers like he did last season Lee will stay a Knick.

One More Time

One More Time

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