Knicks getting in on the Boozer Sweepstakes?

You know how Facebook has the “like” option for people’s statuses? Well, if this was a Facebook status and the “dislike” option was available I’d be disliking it virtually everytime I read it.

Adding Boozer is a disaster waiting to happen and fortunately enough he’s being courted by several teams, which means we don’t have a great shot at adding him to our clustered frontcourt and to tell you the truth I really hate Boozer as a player and person.

A lot of teams have forgotten how he pledged to stay with Cleveland a few years back and then bolted to Utah for more money.

He’s still that same power forward with no defensive mechanics and a guy you can’t take at his word.

Please stay away from this overrated drama queen, Donnie Walsh.

Oh yeah, and here’s the linkage.

Do Not Want.

Do Not Want.

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