Nate offered a 2 year $10 million contract from Greece

So Nate isn’t drawing attention from any teams in the NBA, but wouldn’t you know it another foreign team is interested in an NBA role player.

According to Newsday, Olympiacos has offered Nate ten million over two years. The great part about this is the Knicks still have his rights and if he develops well over there maybe he can be a valid contributor when he returns.

Bad news though. If Nate takes the deal it really does exploit the hypocrisy within NBA players. Nate has made it clear he’s homesick and Washington isn’t exactly close to Greece so what’s the real reason he wants out of NY?

Money. It pains me to say it but everything is about the money regardless of the person even if it means you have to go even further away from home to get some extra cash.

Fortunately though I could care less if Robinson walks as he’s a turnover machine and a role player at best.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Kryptonate.



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